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the rise of nine wikipedia - the fight goes to the roof where after a long battle nine holds four over the edge and demands that he stop claiming to be pittacus lore which he had told nine during one of their arguments and that they go to paradise nine lets four back onto the roof and storms off threatening to drop him next time, the rise of nine lorien legacies 3 by pittacus lore - the rise of nine is the next thrilling instalment in the gripping lorien legacies series by pittacus lore number four is a hero for this generation michael bay director of transformers until i met john smith number four i d been on the run alone hiding and fighting to stay alive, amazon com the rise of nine lorien legacies - this item the rise of nine lorien legacies by pittacus lore paperback 10 79 in stock ships from and sold by amazon com free shipping on orders over 25 details the power of six lorien legacies book 2 by pittacus lore paperback 7 98 in stock ships from and sold by amazon com, the rise of nine pittacus lore slideshare - the rise of nine pittacus lore the soldier has our truck in his crosshairs but before he can pull the trigger i rip the rocket launcher off his shoulder and slam one end into his belly he doubles over and goes down with a scream hearing the commotion the driver of the truck rushes over with a pistol in his hand, read the rise of nine online free by pittacus lore 1novels - but when i was nine years old we had a close call in a cleveland alley with a mogadorian that left us both shaken and covered in a thick layer of ash katarina moved us to southern california after that, the rise of nine lorien legacies series 3 by pittacus - eventually i got the power of six the rise of nine and the lost legacies pittacus lore in my professional opinion ranks up there with my favorite authors r a slvatore raymond e fiest anne mccaffrey to name a few, the rise of nine iamnumberfour fandom com - a transmission from pittacus lore marina s painting of her memory of lorien in her cave chapter eleven of the rise of nine introducing number eight eight s origin references edit boche benjamin review the rise of nine teenreads cooper kristal review the rise of ninedigital journal, pittacus lore book series in order - pittacus lore s work it is then followed by the power of six the rise of nine the fall of five the revenge of seven and the fate of ten respectively all his work is published by harper collins from the year 2010 to date in order to understand pittacus lore s work in the loreian legacy series i will provide a sneak preview of the first two books in the series